Outreach ProgramS

The Outreach Committee serves an important role. It organizes the making and donation of a variety of items: including, but not limited to quilts, books, totes.

If you like to share your love of quilting with a needy member of our community, please contact our Outreach Committee Chair, Sherry LaBrie or Denise Kania, Co-Chair to see how you can help.

YCQG Members – Please CLICK HERE to learn about the Incentive Program and Fabrics available to your next Outreach Quilt.

“Partners” (Outreach Facility)

Piedmont Medical Center (Ongoing)

The hospital has two needs:

  1. Women who have lost babies. These women need some love after their loss.  So these “Comfort Quilts” will go to them.
  2. Women who come to the hospital to have babies but do not have much of anything else, materialistically.  So this is a little “Blessing Quilt” for these ladies.  We have chosen a larger size so as the child grows, they can continue to use it.

Comfort Quilt Sizes:  50”-60” x 70”

Blessing Quilt Sizes:  42” x 50” (By keeping it under 45”, the backing will be easy.)

Pilgram’s Inn (Ongoing)

This facility has 10 apartments, shelters 14 beds, a day care center, and a food pantry.  They care for women and children up to 5 years old.

This outreach has two needs:

  1. Women’s quilts Sizes: 60” x 90”
  2. Children’s quilt Sizes: 42” X 50”

Haven’s Men Shelter (New Outreach)

This facility has 24 beds, all twin size.  As we learn more about this outreach,  we will pass on the information.  Now we get to make some quilts for men!

This outreach has one need:

  1. Men’s quilts Sizes: 60” x 90”

Rock Hill Dialysis (New Outreach)

The dialysis center has to keep the facility on the colder side.  With this being said, they currently care for 95 patients, 18 years and older, with no pediatric patients. 

This outreach needs men’s or women’s quilts

  1. Sizes: 60” x 80”

Any of these quilts can be within 5” of the given dimensions, one way or the other.

DROP OFF HOUSES: (Please call before drop off)

Sherry LaBrie 3400 Kingsfield Road, Rock Hill (802-782-0214)

Denise Kania – 1422 Whirlaway Court, York  (H-803-684-4876 or


Krys Griesser 723 Tulip Tree Place, Rock Hill (714-333-5524)

SCRAPS – We want to encourage you all to rummage through your scrape fabric.  If you are like me, you will never live long enough to use it all so why not start using it.  We hope to include some simple patterns for scrappy quilts in the future when we get more organized.  Also FYI, we do have material in the storage shed for use.  Please call Denise if you have time to make a quilt but need help with fabric.  We already has a few quilt kits with patterns ready for anyone to sew.

BATTING – The guild has provided batting for anyone who needs it.  Denise has it at her house.  We are also asking if you have left over pieces of batting that you don’t want to bother with, we will take them and sew them together.

QUILTING VOLUNTEERS In the past we are not sure how you got your quilts quilted.  We are asking people who have long arm sewing machines if they would donate some of their time to quilt some of these quilts, if you cannot quilt them yourself.  Tying is also acceptable.  If you like sewing on bindings, let us know and we will put you down.

If you have any quilts to donate toward any of these outreach partners, call to let us know.  We would love to start blessing the men’s shelter as well as the dialysis center, as we have already given to the other two.

However, these partners will be ongoing and new partners will be added as the need is found.

Once last thing – Please pray over these quilts as you make them.  You don’t have to know who they are going to but God already knows.  We just want these handmade items to feel the love of God and through prayer that can happen.  So, with all that being written, let us get ready to

BLESS our community with LOVE

Sherry LaBrie (labriesher@pshift.com)

Denise Kania (nise1325@aol.com)