Quilting Services

Following is a list of York County Quilters Guild members who offer quilting services***:

Linda Gibbons
Rock Hill, SC
Phone:  937-417-0973
email:  rlgibbons2@gmail.com

Jessica Hall
The Quilting Roost
428 Presidio Dr
Rock Hill, SC  29732
Phone:  678-472-0553
email:  thequiltingroost@gmail.com

Sherry LaBrie
3400 Kingsfield Rd
Rock Hill, SC  29732
Phone:  802-782-0214
email: sherrylabrie@gmail.com

Sherry Sadler
Phone:  803-517-0169 (leave message please)
email:  Sesadler27@gmail.com

***The York County Quilt Guild does not endorse or promote any of the quilters listed above.  No guarantees or promises are made regarding the reliability, completeness, or quality of the final product.  It is up to the consumer to verify the quality of the work will meet their expectations.